Even if you’re not a huge baseball fan, you have to love Johnny Bench!

Becoming a great athlete is certainly admirable. It is always amazing to watch an Olympic gymnast perform an unbelievable routine or a quarterback lead his team to victory.

But becoming a legendary athlete is a whole new ballgame. And Johnny Bench occupies that rarified air. Here are just some of this man’s accomplishments:

  • Rookie of the Year in 1968.
  • Back-to-back World Series Championships as a member of the “Big Red Machine” in 1975 & 1976.
  • A member of the National Baseball Hall of Fame.
  • A 14-time All Star selection.
  • A two-time National League Most Valuable Player.
  • Earned ten Golden Glove awards.
  • Caught 100 or more games for 13 consecutive seasons.
  • ESPN has called him the greatest catcher in baseball history.
  • The Sporting News listed him as number 16 in their 100 Greatest Baseball Players… and the highest-ranking catcher!

But there’s even more to Johnny Bench than his baseball career.

Johnny has also:

  • Logged thousands of hours in personal TV appearances
  • Visited the troops in the Far East
  • Sung with the Cincinnati Pops
  • Chaired the organization Athletes vs. Cancer
  • Created the Johnny Bench Scholarship Fund, which provides funds for students to attend college in the Cincinnati area
  • Starred in a Cincinnati stage presentation of Damn Yankees.
  • Hosted a TV series The Baseball Bunch.
  • After turning 50, he became a part-time professional golfer and played in several Senior PGA Tour events.
  • Co-authored several books including “Catch Every Ball: How to Handle Life’s Pitches.”

Do yourself a favor. Be there to hear what he has to say during the General Session on Tuesday at Sales Convention 2017.


PS: For those of us who ARE baseball fans, we’re focusing on the 2016 season wrap up and an exciting World Series finale. But to get an early look at the 2017 season, be sure to catch one of the Cactus League Spring Training games while you’re at Convention. With a more than a dozen participating stadiums nearby, you’re sure to find a game that fits your schedule!

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