5 Fabulous Reasons to Take Yourself to Phoenix

Ready, Set, Go … escape the final days of winter and charge into spring at Sales Convention in warm and wonderful Phoenix, Arizona!

There’s no better time of the year to experience the beauty of the Sonoran Desert than springtime. In fact, with high temperatures approaching the mid-seventies you may even get an early start on your tan, but you’ll still be able to enjoy layering up for the cool, clear evenings that drop to the 50s.


Spring Training in the Desert!

The Cactus League, created in 1947, hosts professional baseball’s Spring Training for as many as fifteen teams in the warm Arizona sunshine. Celebrating more than 70 years of baseball history, the Cactus League offers aficionados of America’s favorite pastime the opportunity to check out their favorite team’s prospects for the upcoming year.

Beginning in mid-February and extending to the opening day of the regular Major League Baseball season the first week of April, the Cactus League Spring Training events attract over a million and a half devoted baseball fans to its various stadiums. For a baseball fan, going to a Spring Training game is a great way to see players up close and personal in a more intimate setting.